7 Fairytale Places in Baden-Württemberg

7 Fairytale Places in Baden-Württemberg

25. Juli 2016
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Picture a place with rolling green hills, covered in grape vineyards, lush green grass, and beautiful little flowers of all colors and varieties. Now picture castles, both old and new, reminiscent of storybook romances and fairytales and framed by a dense and dark forest. This is Baden-Württemberg in the south of Germany, brimming with culture, history, and a little bit of magic!

I’ve visited this region three times and each time I discover something new that takes my back to my childhood of princess stories and fables. Here are 7 of my favorite spots that remind me of fairytales in Baden-Württemberg:


Sasbachwalden_Kristin Addis
Sasbachwalden - © Kristin Addis

Located in the black forest, this quaint town of 2400 people looks like a dream. It’s full of half-timbered houses brimming with flowers in the summer, and stunning changing leaves in the autumn months.

Apart from eating the famous black forest cake there, hiking enthusiasts will love the trail options through the forest and vineyards. As an added bonus, local wineries set out chilled wine and glasses as you hike through. Just drop your euros into the honesty boxes!

Useful tip: Take the Black Forest High Road (Schwartzwaldhochstr.) to get there if you want to enjoy a beautiful drive en route.

Hohenzollern Castle

Burg Hohenzollern_Kristin Addis
Burg Hohenzollern - © Kristin Addis

Have you ever seen a more perfect-looking castle than this one? My inner six-year-old could barely contain her excitement! The castle’s existence was first recorded in 1061, however it was destroyed, and then rebuilt in its current form in 1454. It’s heralded as the most beautiful castle in Swabia and I agree!

Random tip: For the view pictured above, head to the viewpoint accessible from this parking lot.

Lichtenstein castle

Schloss Lichtenstein_Kristin Addis
Schloss Lichtenstein - © Kristin Addis

Built in the 19th century, this castle was inspired by the novel “Lichtenstein” by Wilhelm Hauff. It’s built in what is called the “fairytale” romanticism style (how fitting!) and regally sits at 817 meters above sea level. From down below and up close, it truly looks like a work of art.

Random tip: There are several hikes around this castle so bring your walking shoes and make a day out of your visit. 


Hohentwiel_Kristin Addis
Hohentwiel - © Kristin Addis

Located close to Lake Constance, in the Hegau region, the ruins of the fortress of Hohentwiel sit atop a dormant volcano that was formed eight million years ago.

Built out of rocks from the mountain, the fortress is a gorgeous place to watch the sunset, and there are even a few concerts and music festivals there each year!

Useful Tip: Get there for golden hour, the fortress and the surrounding sheep farms are absolutely gorgeous right before sunset and just after sunrise.

Bad Urach Waterfall

Wasserfaelle Bad Urach_Kristin Addis
Bad Uracher Wasserfälle - © Kristin Addis

Did you know there’s a 37-meter waterfall just a couple of hours outside of Stuttgart? After heavy rains or as the snow melts, as much as 420 litres per second dump down from the top, and in the wintertime, it can freeze, creating a solid sheet of ice!

Easily accessible from the nearby Bad Urach Wasserfall train stop or the parking lot nearby, it’s a lovely little walk to get there through the trees and up stone steps. You can even walk behind the veil and feel the water spraying your face!

Useful tip: Bring waterproof shoes. If the waterfall is heavy, water spills all down the steps as well!

Maulbronn Monastery

Kloster Maulbronn_Kristin Addis
Kloster Maulbronn - © Kristin Addis

A UNESCO World Heritage site since 1993, the Maulbronn Monastery is the best-preserved medieval Cistercian monastery complex in Europe. It’s built in the Romanesque and Gothic styles, featuring hundreds of groin vaults and archways.

It’s so famous in Germany, that an image of the monastery appears on the 2013 €2 commemorative coin to represent Baden-Württemberg.

Useful Tip: Get a tour through the monastery (English guides are available!) to get the full story behind the architecture and history. It’s worth it!

Vineyards in the city of Stuttgart

Weinberge Stuttgart_Kristin Addis
Weinberge in Stuttgart - © Kristin Addis

Have you ever been to a vineyard inside of a city? I’ve been to many on the outskirts of a city, but had never seen gorgeous vineyards running all throughout one until visiting Stuttgart.

Wine was introduced to the region in the 3rd century by Roman emperors, and by the 16th century, it was already one of the largest wine-growing communities of the Roman Empire in Germany. The main varieties are Lemberger, Spätburgunder and Trollinger, though Trollinger is the best known from Stuttgart.

Useful tip: Make your visit coincide with one of the many wine festivals in Stuttgart if you really want to maximize your vino enjoyment.

Those are a few of my favorite places in sunny Baden-Württemberg. I’m still exploring and learning all about the magical region, so hopefully someday soon, this list will be three times as long! For now, these lovely memories remain in my mind from a land of castles, flowers, and of course, wine!

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